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garage door services woodbridge va

A Broken Garage Door Is a Safety Hazard

Protect yourself with a garage door repair in Woodbridge, Dale City or Alexandria, VA

A broken garage door isn't just inconvenient-it can put you and your car in danger. If you need a garage door or garage door opener repair in Woodbridge & Alexandria, Virginia, you can trust Progress Garage Door Repairs to do the job right. Our team is extremely careful when working with garage doors because of the dangerous nature of the task. We draw from years of experience to determine the issue and will explain our repair process to you before we begin.

When you need a garage door repair, you want to spend as little money as possible while still fixing the issue. Our team strives to find cost-effective and fast repair methods for every customer. We don't want to waste your time or your money. Call 703-665-8299 now to get an estimate on a garage door or garage door opener repair.

We install both torsion and extension springs. Call today to ask about our specials on these prices. It is not only inconvenient, but very dangerous to repair your own garage door springs. Let one of our trained professionals handle your extension and torsion spring installations and repairs.

We repair garage door openers! Don't try to troubleshoot a frustrating garage door opener by yourself. Trust our specialists with your garage door opener repairs.

garage door company woodbridge va

Get your garage door working like it should

Is your garage door stuck? Maybe it’s making loud noises when in use. You may not know what’s wrong with your garage door, but our team will. We can get to the root of your problem and repair any of your door’s components, including:

  • Openers
  • Springs
  • Motors
  • Tracks
  • Rollers

Speak with a garage door repair pro from Progress Garage Door Repairs today. We service all areas within an hour of Woodbridge, Virginia.